Lian Electric Vira

Different solutions are awaiting you.

We are capable of supplying required equipment for different companies such as the ones who work in the fields of oil and gas, steel industry, cement manufacturing companies, water and sewerage companies, and electric power distribution companies as well as offering technical consultation for updating old equipment or starting new projects. We feel honored to contribute to our country’s progress.

Technical support

Qualified specialists

During the preceding years, the trading department, as the executor of the purchasing process, along with the professional technical department, tried the most to supply goods made by the best international manufacturers to enhance efficiency by providing high-quality services, and therefore to improve customer satisfaction.

After-sales services

Being loyal to customers

Guarantee and after-sales services department is the official representative of FANOX (Spain), AuCom (News land), INVERTEK (England) companies; we also supply industrial automation equipment from different brands including ABB, VACON, SCHNEIDER and Simens; this department works with the aim of respecting customers’ right and improving qualitative indicators.

Engineering Trading Company

Lian Electric Vira

Our Company was founded in 2018 to provide engineering and trading services in the field of electricity. Due to our different approach in supplying electrical equipment, we have accomplished numerous projects in various industries, including water and sewerage, energy, oil and gas during the last two years. We have also succeeded in cutting the costs and cost price and therefore achieving customer satisfaction.

Creativity and new sales ideas

Reduce project costs by using creative ideas

Our mission

The company always strives to provide creative solutions with great economic cost according to customer requests

Knowledge and expertise

Increasing the knowledge and ability of specialized personnel in order to achieve the company’s customer-oriented goals

Customer orientation

Protecting customers’ rights and satisfying them is always one of the key goals of the company

Economic growth

Provide economic growth of the company through market development

Customer retention

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