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At present, the company is ready and proud to provide the required equipment for various oil and gas complexes, steel industries, cement factories, water and sewage companies and power distribution companies by providing technical advice on supplying goods to upgrade old equipment. Or launching new projects, taking a new step in providing services to relevant organizations to play a small role in the development and pride of our beloved homeland..

Commercial Engineering Company

Lian Electric Viera

Lian Electric Vira Company was established in 2017 with the aim of providing engineering and commercial services in the field of electricity industry. Due to its different approach in supplying electrical equipment, the company has successfully completed several projects in various industries, including water and sewage, power, oil and gas, in the past two years, and significantly reduced costs in the assigned projects. And the price has brought and brought customer satisfaction.


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Creativity and new ideas
Reduce project costs by using creative ideas
Our missions
The company always strives to provide creative solutions with great economic cost according to customer requests
Knowledge and expertise
Increasing the knowledge and ability of specialized personnel in order to achieve the company's customer-oriented goals
Customer Orientation
Protecting the rights of customers and gaining their satisfaction is always one of the key goals of the company
Economic Growth
Provide economic growth of the company through market development
Customer retention
Maintaining current customers and increasing their satisfaction with the services received is one of the company's priorities





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